Monday, March 9, 2009

Starbucks Create Your Own Tumblers

Two of my friends are leaving Japan this week. They have lived here on 4 different assignments for a total of almost 20 years. This time they are retiring and it is so hard for them to say goodbye. They love Starbucks and collect the tumblers from each town. So, for a sayonara gift, I got them some coffee and made them their own tumblers.

I had so much fun creating personalized inserts for them, and will probably make up a lot more.

It's so easy to make your own insert if you follow these steps"
1. Purchase a Starbucks “Create Your Own Tumbler."
2. You can easily Download the template (psd format only), and use it to create your own insert. Or, unscrew the bottom of the tumbler, pull out the insert that comes with it and trace it for a template. I chose to create my insert digitally, but you could easily draw, stamp or paint on yours. It fits rather tightly so you can't really use any bulky embellishments for this project. Still, use your imagination as there are so many possibilities!
3. If you did a digi design or used the template, print out your insert using a color printer with high quality paper for the best results.
4. Next, cut your design out carefully and insert it into the tumbler, then screw the bottom back on tightly.

My friends loved theirs which are decorated with cartoons, images of Japan and list of reasons why they might have been in Japan too long. In actuality, they are some of the reasons why they have loved Japan. I hope these tumblers remind them each morning of the wonderful times they have had here. Sayonara My Friends ...


missy j said...

These are great. Love your pages too! Thanks for visiting my blog and I think the golf balls sounds great! Nothing like decorating with what you have, love it!

Anonymous said...

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