Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tokyo Metro

This page was the simplest thing to make ever. I had taken lots of photos aboard the subway trains in Tokyo over time and finally decided I wanted to use them. Especially since the machine spit back my hubby's ticket (usually, the machine eats it when you leave the station). I've had the negative-strip photo mat in my stash for quite some time so just printed my main photo and my journaling to fit. I adhered it to my cardstock at an angle then arranged all my smaller photos, plus the ticket in blocks around it. The title is just the metro logo downloaded from the Internet. To finish, I cut blocks of washi paper to fill in any blank areas. I like the angle as it seems to suggest motion.
Here's my journaling:
I’m comfortable with the role of being a stranger in a strange land. But I try to blend into the crowd when I’m riding the Tokyo Metro. With color-coded signage, punctual schedules and a high level of cleanliness, it’s a fast and easy way to get around.
Japanese people sleep on the subway without concern, and though I do feel myself lulled by the low vibrations, I am more inclined to people watch. The stations sprawl underground connecting so many people and places making it a great place to trend watch and observe microcosms of Japanese society. While most people keep their head down sleeping, reading or texting, I am sometimes the recipient of a curious glance or a slight smile. Traveling underground in the hushed environment can feel mysterious and even a bit romantic.
Once the train arrives at my station, the hush evaporates from the crowd as the doors open and we split apart, scattering along hundreds of individual paths.


Lynn said...

I found your blog! Love your work & will follow! thanks for sharing!

kathy said...

this is a great layout! I love that you used so many photos and still made it so simple.