Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remember When

This altered clipboard is a Valentine gift for my Mom who likes to do crossword puzzles. I created the crossword puzzle at using my own clues and answers.
I chose clues such as: Baseball/Bowling team you coached; Whenever we complained of being bored, you told us to do this; We decorated the house with these on Christmas Eve. Mom raised 6 of us, so there were plenty memories to make clues out of.
Once you finish inputting your clues, you can choose to print out your custom puzzle with a photo background or plain. I chose one of their chocolate backgrounds, but then trimmed around the puzzle so it would show off the background papers on the clipboard. To make a nice smooth surface to hold her newspaper crossword puzzles, the entire project is covered with Mod Podge.
First I prepped the clipboard with acrylic paint, then glued my paper to the clipboard and sanded the edges smooth. I like the look this gave the paper. Next, I inked the edges all around, then spread the Mod Podge on the top of the paper and smoothed it down so there are no bubbles. I finished with chocolate stickers from Jolee’s and a few lengths of ribbon.
The back is finished in coordinating papers and has the puzzle answers.
Once Mom finishes this nostalgic crossword puzzle, she can use the clipboard to hold her daily paper's crossword in place. Happy Valentine's Day and have fun reminiscing Mom!

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byondbzr said...

Great gift girl, what have you been up to lately??