Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Once Upon A Time

I could not resist using this pretty Sea Glass paper from K and Company for one of my beach photos. I guess I am missing the Florida beach this winter. It was 60 degrees here today -warm for February in Tokyo, but cooler than it usually is in Florida. You can see the date in the heart is from December 2007.
I used stickles to bring shine and sparkle to the big blossom and the little silver starfish are from Nunn Designs. I found those in a stationery store in Tokyo in their scrapbook section and just had to have them.
The line of crystals under the shadow photo are actually cell phone decorations!
I love my fairy tale story that goes with the photo:

Once upon a time there was a really cute princess who was walking along a California beach all alone when she heard a voice calling, “Hey, Really Cute Princess!”
She looked around and saw a handsome man with chocolate-colored eyes and holes in his pockets. She started to carry on her way but the man called again. “Hey, Really Cute Princess, if you marry me I will take you to far off lands and show you many more beautiful beaches.”
It had been a very boring day and the cute princess liked to travel, so she decided to date the chocolate-eyed man, though she was not sure she believed him at all.
In no time at all the princess discovered that the man was really a Handsome, Strong, Hardworking Prince. They were soon married under a canopy of brilliant fuchsias.
Not long after, the Handsome Prince arrived home from work and made a Royal Announcement. “It is time to move to another beautiful land,” he proclaimed. The Princess excitedly packed all their things for the move. Through the years, the Prince and Princess honed their packing skills to perfection as the Handsome Prince moved them from one beautiful land to another – every 3 to 5 years.
True to his promise, the Prince took the Princess to set up house along many beautiful beaches and river banks.

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~ Grace ~ said...

This LO is so wonderful. I love the beautiful blues you have used. These details are great. I love this paper. I would miss Florida too. Thanks for looking at my blog. I am still working on it a bit but so far I am happy with it... hmm now just to get people to check it out. I love your blog design by the way!