Monday, March 23, 2009

Get De-Stressed while you Distress

Let’s face it, I’m a tool junkie. When I saw the Making Memories Distressing Kit on the store shelf, I wanted it because it was full of tools that I did not have and was not really sure how to use. But I thought I would add this kit to my stash knowing it would be awhile before I got around to using it. Now that I have, wow! What was I waiting for? Though I had sanded, inked and chalked before, this kit enticed me to try so much more.
I now know how to dye, striate, and do such much more. My absolute favorite tool in the kit is the edger! Now I distress everything in sight! (If my cat lies around on top of scrap desk much longer, I may have to distress him!) And I found that when I'm stressed, distressing helps me de-stress. It's quite therapeutic for me and does wonders to make my layouts look their best.
Do you want to know what’s in the kit? There’s a LOT!
· Sanding block with three grits
· Steel wool-2 pads
· Emery board-3 boards each with different grit
· Stipple brush
· Foam brushes 1" & 2" wide
· Chalk-3 colors
· Ink sponges-3 colors
· Exclusive edge scraper
· Bone folder
· Aging dye-2 single use pouches
· Paint comb
· Pounce wheel
· Chalk brushes-3
· Sandpaper-3 sheets (1 each of fine, medium and coarse grit).
To put it basically, this distressing kit has EVERYTHING that you need to instantly add antiquity to your pages.
The inks and chalks in the kit are the perfect colors needed to distress your embellishments and paper. The size and shape of the pads make it so easy to get a good, smooth, inked paper edge with no hard lines! The sandpaper block is great for large surfaces and the sandpaper files are great for those smaller surfaces.
I love the look I achieved on this layout with the help of the Making Memories Distressing Kit. I took this picture of my husband at the river last year and I think the distressing technique really did the photo justice. What do you think?


Lynn said...

Wonderful work! Love the rich warm tones!! The distressing is awesome! good jop!

kathy said...

Love it! The colors and textures are perfect for the photo, you really put that kit to good use!