Friday, August 21, 2009

Create with Washi Paper Masking Tape

We all know that masking tape is commonly used when we are painting to cover up areas we want to avoid. But recently, I’m drawn to the delicious variety of colors and designs found in the stationery stores around Japan. Soon I was picking up a role of red here and a 3-pack of teal patterns there and in no time at all, I had amassed quite a collection of pretty colors and knew I had to figure out a way to use it on my scrapbook pages.

There are a number of companies that make colorful masking tape, but most of mine seem to come from Kamoi Paper. As I opened the packages of Kamoi's MT masking tape, I was immediately inspired by the gorgeous hues and the soft feel of the tape. This is no ordinary tape; this is made of rice paper! Intrigued, I turned to the company’s website. Using Kamoi’s English Menu, I began to read about the making of washi masking tape and how they came to offer such fabulous colors.

It seems this little company was contacted by a customer who made a little book out of their tape and requested more colors. Kamoi's aim was to please this artistic customer, so a partnership was formed and they set about with a passion to color the rice paper in hues that make a crafter sigh with pleasure! The site not only includes their history, but a fun factory tour where you will learn how they color the rice paper and add the sticky. There is also a gallery where you can see the myriad of uses their customers have found for the rainbow of colors.

Speaking of rainbows, let me share with you my ideas for using washi masking tape in scrapbooking. The first page is inspired by a sketch at Let’s Scrap and created for the rainbow challenge at It is constructed of Bazzill black cardstock, masking tape and Thickers. I’ve include a tutorial below on how to do the washi blossom at the end of this post.

The next page is inspired by a sketch by LG challenge at MAF.

So let's get on with the tutorial. I was inspired to make this flower out of washi tape after viewing Helen Croft's beautiful page at To begin, you will need washi tape in the color or colors of your choice, a ruler, a small pair of scissors, a pencil, a glue stick, and some rough-cut circles. My biggest circle is about 2 inches across.

Start by covering a few of your circles with washi tape, trim off the excess tape and glue the circles together with the smallest on top.

Now choose a color of washi tape and cut it about six inches long. Lay it printed side down on the table - the sticky side will be up.

Take another piece of washi tape in the same color and lay it down on top of your six-inch strip - sticky sides together. Trim this peice off the role about a half to 3/4 inch longer than the first strip. Trim the other end so that there is no sticky showing at all.

Now, turn your circles over and attach the end with the 1/2 inch of sticky showing to the back of the circle. Flip it back right side up and wrap the long end around a pencil until your flower petals are the length you would like.

Now cut a tiny square of matching washi and lay it part way on the roll and part way on the longer part of the flower petal. This will hold the roll in place. I left mine sticking up a bit so you could see it, but you will want to smooth down the edges.

And there you have it - a pretty flower to add to your scrapbook pages!


Heidi said...

OMG girl! That first layout is DIVINE! I am loving that tape. I have quite a collection of colored and printed tapes and I love working with them. I need to get my hands on some of that Kamoi washi tape! Very cool!!!

kath said...

beautiful LO's. What cool stuff. I love the flower! Thanks for including the tutorial

Groovy Deborah said...

Rice paper!?!? How cool!!! So is the lo :)

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Smart tut hun!Thanks for your kind words as always.I love your new layouts!

LG said...

BRILLIANT! Thanks for sharing Theresa. This is just great. i learned something new from you. MWAH. love the LOs as always

Kylie said...

Oh no!!! I have no tape!!! But I think I ****need**** some!!! Your LOs are fab. Especially the first one

Lena Jo said...

WOW! We need to have a scrapbook booth at CKU and feature this tape! Everyone I've forwarded this page to can't get over this. I am showing it to my scrapbook store and asking them to order it. Here I have been inking and painting on this tape forever (you can get a pretty cool leather look inking the old fashioned tan tape) when someone was doing the work for me! Thanks "T" for always coming up with something new and amazing!

Tara said...

Would love to have you link up this in our Trendy Crafter Contest.

Hope to see you there and if you know anyone else who might be interested in entering their Washi Tape Tutorials this week, please pass the word.

We will be giving away some things to the Trendy Crafter winner after the 4 week contest. Thanks

Come by to join in the fun! Round 2 is Fabric Flowers, Round 3 is Bottle Caps and Round 4 is Denim. ~Tara @ Trendy Treehouse