Thursday, June 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I come from a military family and have spent most of my life moving from one place to the next. Sometimes it is sad to leave a place you've grown to love or some wonderful friends you've made, but it's always exciting to look forward to learning about the new location.

One thing about the move, though, is that I've never had to make it alone. As we all look forward to the great American holiday weekend coming up, let me tell you about a true American hero- my Daughter-in-law.

Her husband is deployed to Afghanistan and she recently got orders to move into quarters on Camp Lejeune. With only the help of two preschool boys and one very large dog, Jenny oversaw the move virtually by herself. Now if you have not moved very often, you may not realize what this entails. There is that small amount of time where you are in limbo with the old house packed up and the new house still empty, meanwhile living out of suitcases while you wait for the things to be picked up and delivered. There are the kids to feed, the dog to walk and of course, the old house must be scrubbed spotless if you want your deposit back. Don't forget to change your address on all your correspondence and newspaper subscriptions, or turn off the electric, water, and garbage. It's just too much for one person to do - never mind with the kids and the dog and worrying about your loved one's safety on a daily basis.

But she managed it and let the boys have some fun in all the boxes as she got it all unpacked and the boxes sent back to the moving company. I know the house will feel cozier when her husband comes home again. But for now - this is where my American Hero lives, this is her Home Sweet Home.


jillofallcrafttrades said...

awww so sweet,I am a maarine wife,and we acctually just this past april moved from Cherry point,NC,so i hope she will like the area.With her hubby gone my heart goes out to her,what a sweet personal layout!

Dainty Diva said...

Great lo. Doing it all along I'm sure was difficult she's a real trooper.