Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crazy Hat Party!

My husband and I threw a Crazy Hat Party this spring and it was so much fun!

Even though many of the guests did not know each other, walking into a party with a Crazy Hat on your head really breaks down inhibitions. People not only wanted to show off their own creations, but marvel over the creations of others. With the help of name tags, everyone mingled well and laughed the evening away. The party decor was hats of all kinds and we even played Pin the Hat on Katy Perry - young and old alike participated in this fun game.

 Each guest was instructed to either make or embellish a hat, the crazier the better. We offered prizes for Prettiest, Ugliest, and Weirdest. Each guest wore a numbered name tag and were asked to stand up and show off their hat. Then everyone voted by dropping the number of their favorites by category into hats.
The Mermaid hat won Prettiest. The Beer Foam hat won Ugliest (perhaps it was the glasses, ha ha). The Lighted Toilet Paper Dispenser hat won Weirdest - no surprise there!

The most difficult prize to give out was the prize for my Overall Favorite Hat. I really had so many to choose from as everyone was so creative, My final pick though, was the Sweets hat - a handmade hat made out of paper and embellished with cups and bowls from local fast food joints. The cups were filled with real candy and there were paper donuts dripping with icing. The top of the hat depicted Johnny Depp eating a donut!

I think everyone came away with a new friend that evening and an appreciation of each other's creativity.

I put all the photos together in a Shutterfly scrapbook to keep forever. Give it time to load and enjoy the resourceful imaginations of my Crazy friends here in Okinawa!

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Kathryn Okinawa said...

What a great idea for a get together! I love love love it!