Monday, August 30, 2010

Hummingbird Look-Alikes

This month we had a bit of stamping fun at our Close to My Heart Scrap Club. Monica provided us with  pretty Veranda papers and the Stamp of the month (called Something Splendid), so we could make a page entitled Sunkissed. Though I had fun creating the page, I just did not have any photos to go with her Sunkissed theme, so had to change it up a bit. I've always wanted to make a page with photos of these huumingbird look-alikes and finally got the chance.

Greg and I have long been fascinated with these amazing little bugs. The first time we saw one we were sitting in a window seat at the Food Court on Camp Foster back in 1996. Outside the window the bushes were in full bloom and these amazing little creatures were drinking nectar to their heart's content. At first we thought they were humminbirds. But no - hummingbirds don't have stripes and they're not brown. These little things were even tinier than a hummingbird and had a long probiscus that they furled and unfurled as they darted from bloom to bloom.

The more we took notice as we travelled around Okinawa, the more we saw these fascinating bugs. Unlike hummingbirds, they don't seem to mind if you approach them to get a closer look.

Now that we are back on Okinawa after a 10-year absence, we can enjoy watching these litttle guys once again. The street outside my window is lined with their favorite flower bushes and they busily flit around not minding me a bit as I follow them with my camera.


Luisa said...

Great layout Theresa! Love how you use the Something Splendid flowers!

Thanks for posting the blinkie for our Fall Blog Hop! It willbe a blast...

LG said...

Great mix of patterned papers and embellishments

Lisa West said...

You have some wonderful scrapbook pages. Great details. Sorry about your kitty!! Lisa