Monday, March 8, 2010

Okinawa Bound

Well, here I am moving again! After leaving the beautiful island of Okinawa 10 years ago, we are once again Oki bound!
I cannot explain it any better than Virtual Okinawa so let me quote them for you:

An ancient kingdom of glittering seas, lush green islands, and fields of sugarcane, Okinawa enjoys a measured pace of life that's far removed from any hectic city routine. A sub-tropical climate keeps Okinawa pleasantly warm even when the rest of Japan is shivering, and in the scorching summer months it is a kaleidoscope of brilliant flowers, dazzling white beaches and stunning coral, making the islands perfect for diving, water-skiing, sailing and every other form of ocean recreation. Okinawa also has a proud artistic and musical tradition, and is home to many unusual and beautiful species of flora and fauna.

You can see why this Florida girl is delighted to return. The culture of Okinawa is so different from that of Japan and I will miss life here on the mainland immensely. I leave a peice of my heart here in Japan, but look forward to what the future holds in sunny Okinawa. While I sort and pack and make my arrangements I may seem missing in action for awhile, but check back because you know I'll have lots to report.

PS: Like my mosaics? Check out Mosaic Moments for tips on making them and for purchasing the grid paper. This month's featured paper is Cypress Green.


A Sarasota said...

Best wishes on a safe and happy move, Theresa!! love, light, and hugs!

Divinity said...

oh this is awesome!!!!!!!! :) like WOW!!!!!!

Sweet Escape said...

Omg!! are a lucky duck!!..i went to japan last, japan..and fell in love..i tried to convince my husband to move there but he wasn't having it!!! so jealous!!!..have a safe trip!!


Groovy Deborah said...

Best of luck getting settled in. The scenery looks amazing so I bet the scrappy pages will be too. Have a good weekend!

kath said...

Hope you are settling in. Can't wait to see more of your beautiful creations and the Okinawa scenery! Its almost like being there myself.