Sunday, January 17, 2010

Siding through CSDivas' Blog Hop!

Welcome to Creative Scrapbooking Divas' first Blog Hop! Thank you for joining us as we celebrate the launch of our new site by taking you on a journey through the blogs of each of the site’s creators.

We will each give you a prompt for a challenge or perhaps a scrappy tip so that you can get to know us better. Post a comment so we know you have stopped by and then go on to the next blog. Those who finish the hop will be entered into a drawing for a chance at a great prize.
Once you make it through this hop you will then be linked back to the Blog Hop thread at CSDivas where you post your blog hop creations. I always recommend posting your LOs in your own gallery at CSDivas as well. While you are here, take a look around at the groups, discussions, tutorials, and challenges already in place. Our site is so Divalicious!!

I'm a very traditional scrapbooker, meaning that I don't often make cards or altered items. For me, scrapbooking is all about getting my photos into albums to share with future generations. Sometimes I make digital pages, often I make hybrid pages and always I look for new ways to make my page fun for the person viewing it.
So what could be more fun than an interactive element? On my Up Before the Birds page, I have a sliding bird element that moves sideways across the page to bring the page a little fun. So today, I'm going to tell you how to make a slider on your page.

1. Cut a slit in a peice of cardstock where you would like the slider to go. I cut my slit two inches in from the edge on either side.
2. Choose a sticker or a die cut or make a tag to use as your sliding element.

3. Cut a strip of cardstock approximately one inch wide that is 3 times the height of your sliding element. Center it on the back of your die cut so that the strip sticks out above and below your element and adhere it.

4. Fold each side in so that they meet in the middle and then fold them back again. Refer to photo.

It will then look like this from the front:

5. Feed the slider through the slit as shown. Glue your cardstock onto your LO placing the glue only along the edges so your slider has room to move.

On the back, it will look like this:

6. To make your slider work when your page is in your album, first remove the slider and put your page into  the page protector. Now cut a slit in the page protector right over the slit in your LO, then feed the slider in from the top of the page protector.
It's as easy as that! Here are two more pages where I used a slider. I love the Tug of War people and the limo on the prom page.

Now hop on over to SheShe's blog to see what is next! I hope you had fun - see you at Creative Scrapbooking Divas! Each week I host a Funday Monday challenge and I would love to have you play along. Check back at CSDivas tomorrow to see my newest challenge. And if you are interested in being on our DT, check my post below.


A Sarasota said...

love your bird slider, what a nifty idea! happy blog hopping today!

Lynn Biermann said...

What a great tip!! I really love it! I have never seen anything quite like that! tfs :)
Love the lo's too!!

ToccaraFeliciano said...

I love your tutorial! I will have to try this! Thanks for sharing.

PaperDiva said...

Hi Theresa great tutorial. I am going to try this, but first I need to come up with an idea for something to use for the slider.

Luisa said...

What a clever and interesting tip Theresa! I really really like it. Now I need to find some photos to create my moving element LO.
Thanks for a great tip!!!

kath said...

congrats on your new site. And what a cool tutorial! Love the pages you made with the sliders. Hopping off to she-she now!
Kathy W

A Sarasota said...

blog hopping again!

Anonymous said...

Love the ideas!! Very Creative!!

SheShe said...

that is such a pretty bird, I am going to give it a try.....

Monica said...

This is a very creative way to add some pizzaz to a scrapbook page! I can't wait to try this on my own!

Barb L said...

Love the limo LO. This is a new technique for me --- never tried it before. Hope I can get all the challenges done yet tonite.

Jans said...

wow!! I'd love to try this out sometime! thanks for the tutorial Theresa!:)

Debi said...

Very cute and clever! thanks for sharing the technique! I'm going to keep that one in mind.

Divinity said...

i loooooooove that tug-of-war layout!!!! gonna try lifting it -- totally totally awesome!!!! :)