Friday, May 22, 2009

Texas Flower

I just got my new order from of Prima's Wildwood Collection - Wood and Mulberry Flowers!
You have to see these flowers to appreciate their beauty. I chose the Safron and the colors and textures are fabulous. My package contained:
1. a lovely, orange-colored straw-fibered flower a bit larger than 3" across
2. a yellow 2 1/2" straw flower
3. a yellow 1 1/2 inch fier flower
4. a yellow 2" petal
5. a yellow 2" blossom made of slliced pods
6. a brown 1 3/4" sead pod flower
7. a 4" long branch of orange dried pods.
Each one is gorgeous with a pretty natural fiber center.
The sliced pod flower is a bit fragile and one of the petals broke apart when I handled it. I layered my flowers on my project, though, so you cannot tell. And since they are natural, I expect them to be fragile.
I am concerned how they will hold up in my album as they are quite bulky and the brown flower has pointy edges. I may have to lay something between the pages in my album to protect the facing page. They might have been better used on the cover of a mini album, but they look so pretty on my 12x12 page, that I couldn't resist them. They come in 6 pretty colors and now I think I need to get some more!

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kath said...

I love this page! You were such an adorable baby!